Update Verb

update is designed to make it easy to manage the server list used by dug, and stored in ~/.dug/servers.csv

update should be invoked as follows: dug update [<options>]


OptionDescriptionDefaultPossible Values (if applicable)
-f, --fileUpdate DNS server list using the specified file instead of the remote source (Must be in default csv format (todo: page) or use --data-columns to specify csv structure)A filepath
-s, --serversThe server IPs to import instead of the remote sourceAny parseable IP (like, or multiple separated by commas (like,2001:4860:4860::8888)
-o, --overwriteOverwrite the current server list instead of updating it
-r, --reliabilityRuns a query for a very stable domain (google.com) against ALL servers.Can be set to normal or prune. Normal updates server reliability based on the results, Prune removes servers that failed (timeout, error, etc)
--reliability-onlyCan only be used with the (-r,--reliability) option. This will keep any new servers from other options (-s,-f,etc) or remote sources from being added. Use if you only want to update the reliability of the currently present servers
--update-urlSpecifies the remote URL to use to retrieve servers. To use this you must also set --data-columns so the servers can be deserializedA Url
--data-columnsSpecify the fields, and their order, of the data being imported. Applies to data imported from a file (-f) or remotely (--update-url).Any of the following (or multiple separated by commas): ipaddress, countrycode, city, dnssec, reliability, ignore
--data-headers-presentSpecifies whether or not headers are present on the data being imported. Can only be used in conjuction with --data-columns
--data-separatorSpecifies the separator to be used when parsing import data. Can only be used in conjuction with --data-columns.,Any character
-v,--verboseEnable Verbose Output
-p, --parallelThe number of servers to perform queries against in parallel200integer
--retriesThe number of times to retry queries on servers that error (or timeout)0integer
-t, --timeoutThe timeout (in ms) to be used when querying each DNS Server3000integer